Knižní útržky: Jony Ive

Zahodil jsem iPad, koupil Kindle a začal číst ostošest. 🤓💪 Zklamáním je pouze těžká práce se zvýrazněními, kterou ani integrace Goodreads neulehčuje. A protože se stejně nechci zamotat do další sítě, rozhodl jsem se je archivovat alespoň touto formou.

„The German Bauhaus of the 1920s was picked up by British design education in the 1950s,“ she said. „For example, they had what was called a foundation year in Bauhaus, and British design also has a foundation year. The idea of the foundation year was that students started from scratch; they did not build on the past but started on an empty page.

They remembered a trick that RWG had used: When executives from a car company came to visit, the firm’s designers drove their own cars into the studio and put sheets over them, saying they were for a secret project. The trick worked and RWG had gotten the job. Taking RWG’s cue, if a client came to visit their offices in Hoxton, Jony and his Tangerine partners made sure the studio was stacked with all the prototypes and foam models they’d created on earlier projects. When the client left, the models would be put back in storage.

„Jony told me that the reason he was so frustrated in consultancy was because he was not able to see projects through to completion,“ reported Gray. „Clients would select bits of what he had produced and then instruct him how to put together those bits according to their own ideas. He was not able to execute what he had in mind for any project. (…)“

Autor: Leander Kahney